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You rock my world


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Written by Michael Jackson, Rodney Jerkins, Fred Jerkins III, LaShawn Daniels, and Nora Payne

C: That girl...
Oh man... ah...
Look at that girl right there!
Goodness gracious... ah... that girl is FINE man
Look at it! Ohhh she's just too fine
She knows she's fine too
MJ: Yes.. banging
C: Oh she's off the hook!
MJ: She looks good (Yea Yea) You're right
C: Ah ah ah... I bet you nobody can't get her
MJ: Chris, I can get her
C: You can't get that girl
My God... I guaranteeeee you can't get that girl
MJ: WATCH me get that girl!
C: I bet you never neverland you can't...
MJ: I can get her!
C: Alright... show me... Show!
MJ: Watch....

My life will never be the same
Cause girl you came and changed
The way I walked, the way I rocked
I can not explain, these things I feel for you
But girl you know its true
Stay with me I'll pay my due
And I'll be all you need

Ooh it feels so right girl
Such a perfect love all my life
Ooh it feels like I have finally found a perfect love that's mine

You rock my world you know you did
And everything I'm gonna give
There is love for me to find someone like you to call mine

This time
I knew that love would bring
Such happiness to me
I tried to keep my sanity
I waited patiently
Girl you know it seems my life is so complete
Our love is true because of you
You doing what you do

Ooh to think that I finally found the perfect love I've searched for all my life
Ooh... who would think I'd find such a perfect love that's so right

Chorus (3x)

Girl I know that this is love
I felt the magic all in the air
Girl I'll never get enough
That's why I always have to have you here

Chorus (4x)

Ya rock my world
The way you talk to me
The way you lovin' me
The way you give it to me
Yeah yeah
Girl girl
C`mon girl
Baby baby baby

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